Birth Prep Bumpshop 3-Day Series

Radically powerful tools for an empowered birth

Day One

7 SuperTools to Progress

Labour Naturally


Uncover incredibly helpful ways to progress labour that are all natural but super potent
Practice ways to connect and deepen
your intuition to quiet the mind


Explore movements to promote baby's optimal birth position


Connect and deepen your intuition through simple practices


Gentle yoga practice to embody the tools

Day Two

Conquer Your Fears

with Confidence


Learn how to maintain clarity during higher emotional states/challenges


Learn how to accept fear without attachment


Experience pain management tools that can be used for your birth


Discover our most powerful practice to mentally and emotionally prepare for birth!


Gentle yoga practice to conquer your fears

Day Three

Explore Powerful Tools

for Finding Peace


Learn how to activate the parasympathetic nervous system (for calm + peace)


Explore the power of mantra + visualization to battle anxiety


Practice breathing for pain relief


Connect to the pelvic floor & the core through breathing exercises--to do more than just a Kegel!


Gentle yoga practice to find peace

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