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First off, BIG congrats! As you know, we are a little more than passionate about bumps, babies, birth, breath and "baginas"! You get it--LOL! That's why we've put together a few of our favourite resources for you below + customized yoga classes for each week of your pregnancy at www.kukoonyoga.com.

As a mother of three, I understand that the path of motherhood changes daily, and I hope these tools and teachings can help you feel confident to move through your journey to motherhood. 

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Birth suppliesthe essentials to have on hand.

This video helps you get prepared with some essential birthing supplies you'll want to have on-hand BEFORE your birth. These must-haves will make your life easier postpartum. For a link to our COMPLETE Birth Bag Checklist (with some extra goodies added), click here.

Stop doing Kegelsdo THIS instead!

As your pregnancy progresses, pressure gets put on the pelvic floor and core, which can weaken these areas. This video demonstrates a useful exercise called the Connection Breath to help strengthen this team of muscles. Read more about how to "tighten your taco" here

Yoga for Sciatica + S.I. Joint Pain!

If you've ever had a shooting pain travel down your glute or leg, you've likely experienced sciatica or S.I. joint pain. This class will help you release, stretch and strengthen this joint & the muscles surrounding it. Click below to view.


I have been taking prenatal yoga with Kukoon and absolutely love this program! I feel much more confident with what I have learned in these classes as our due date approaches. I wish I had found Kukoon earlier in my pregnancy!



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Bonus Content

(Sample Birth Plan+ Birth Aid Drink Recipe + Birthing Positions)

My sample birth plan—or matrix—as I like to call it.


A vision list, or birth matrix, allows you to manifest your ideal journey, creating a mindful and empowering experience of informed choice. The power of a birth vision isn’t the actual plan; it’s the process of becoming educated about all of your options, even if it doesn’t all go “according to plan”. Check out my sample Birth Matrix that I used for my third birth in the link below. 



Say NO to Gatorade—say YES to Labour Aid!


Leave the junk and check out this amazing drink that replaces electrolytes and hydration, which is important as dehydration can slow labour! It also provides energy during the birthing process, taking small sips after every contraction. You can also drink it during pregnancy as it also helps relieve constipation! Click below for the full recipe.



Avoid birthing in the 'Hollywood' movie position—try these instead.

There are many reasons to avoid birthing on your back! But that doesn't stop Hollywood from portraying birth in this way...it's entertaining, right? But that doesn't have to be your reality. Learn four powerful birth positions that I promote all the time in my classes because they utilize gravity, increase space in pelvis and mobilize the sacrum. Click link below.



"Motherhood is about

possibility, not perfection"



Step forward into an empowered motherhood.


Kukoon offers customized yoga classes for each week of your pregnancy (week 6 to 41). We combine the benefits of prenatal yoga with the essential elements of a birth class, along with practical resources + a supportive community.

After baby is born, we support you through the 4th trimester with restorative classes, baby & me yoga plus mommy-only classes that focus on core/pelvic floor restoration and strengthening.

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Custom Yoga - Bundle

$198 CAD

That’s less than $3/class!

  • Over 75 weekly customized classes

  • Extremely powerful tools for FEAR

  • PDFs on birth positions, affirmations, recipes, informed choice + more

  • One FREE LIVE Hangout with Salina

  • Access to templates for birth and postpartum planning

  • Access to Community via group chat

  • Unlimited access to repeat classes

Want custom yoga classes but pay month by month? Click here.
***The content in this program is completely different and more robust than what we offer with our free contentOur free content shows you what tools and techniques you can learn, whereas this program teaches you how to effectively use them for an empowered journey. 


+ Easy access from any device

+ On YOUR time/schedule

+ Gain knowledge by listening to audio only if too busy to practice

+ Option to split class up 

Nurturing Setting

+ Safe practice/movements for each stage of pregnancy/postpartum

+ Cozy and comfortable in your home setting

+ Adapt practice using your surroundings at home

Cost Effective

+ Costs less than half the price of in-studio practice

+ Unlimited access to review resources, stretches, info, etc.

+ Cancel anytime with no commitments or fees

Hi! I’m Salina, a wife, doula, yoga teacher, and mother of three.

I have practiced yoga for over two decades and, after the birth of my first daughter in 2011, decided to pursue my passion for teaching it.

My personal journey through studying and teaching yoga has led me to develop a specialized yoga program for expectant mothers.

These classes are a safe environment where you can develop deep movement, connect with your breath and challenge yourself before the big day!

I hope to meet you one day soon.