Prenatal Partner Bumpshop

Empower your partner with the right tools

Welcome to your Partner Prenatal Bumpshop. In this mini workshop, you will enjoy a good stretch, as well as some quality bonding time together with your ‘bump’. This class really assists the birth partner to feel like they're not just a bystander, empowering them with tools to hold space and help you during the birth.

No prior yoga experience is necessary and classes are designed for all trimesters of pregnancy (although it's beneficial to practice closer to your due date, around week 27-32, to help you retain the vast amounts of information). It's also helpful to do this class a second time (or third) time, to take notes. 

During this 80 min Bumpshop, we will cover:

  • Tips for encouraging the birth process along
  • Massage/compression techniques
  • Positive language cues
  • Holding space practices
  • Ideal labour positions
  • Stages of birth
  • Coping tools for pain
  • Tips for after baby arrives
  • Postpartum planning ideas
  • Appreciation & connection practices

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